Protection begins in the fabrication factory until the completion of the building project. Tapes are normally UV type to withstand the sun rays. It will ensure smooth removal without breaking down of the film
27/10/2557 15:49
Aluminum window frame is an area where the black or transparent blue protective tapes are commonly used. It protects during the fabrication process until the premises are completed. Our tapes are also widely used during the fabrication of clean room and cold room that uses pre-painted galvanized iron to produce sandwich panel with a layer of polyurethane
27/10/2557 15:48
It can be easily applied on to any stainless steel surface, 2B, 4B, hairline, mirror and etching surface. Any aluminum surfaces can be protected. Our protective films are also widely used in the manufacturing of aluminum composite panel that are used as advertisement board
27/10/2557 15:48
Our range of protective tapes will help you in protecting your surface during the extrusion process until it is being erected onsite.
27/10/2557 15:48